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The Unique Collection

Artfully crafted, beautifully UNIQUE

The Unique Collection has been developed to emulate the beauty of natural stone, from classic marbles to the majestic swirls of granite, in a worktop that offers the design possibilities and practicalities of use that our MISTRAL range is renowned for.

Each worktop has a natural variation, with the flow of the pattern creating an organic appearance adding a whole new dimension to surface design. The unique patterning  occurs within every product and is the essence of these wonderful new decors.

Aria Full 980 x 360.jpg


Atacalma Full 980 x 360.jpg


Moonscape Full 980 x 360.jpg


River Rock Full 980 x 360.jpg

River Rock

Seastorm Full 980 x 360.jpg


The colours of the Unique Collection deliver an ideal palette of modern finishes to complement the endless array of door styles and decor choices available. From traditional solid wood shaker,
to more subtle matt and gloss elements you’ll find your perfect match with MISTRAL.

By also retaining the benefits of our solid surface material, the Unique Collection offers marble-inspired colours with features such as seamless joints which are not possible when using granite, marble or quartz.
Image 900 x 500.jpg
Image 900 x 550.jpg
Joints in the Unique Collection colours are smooth and physically seamless though they may be more apparent than with standard decors. The patterning of these colours has either directional or random swirls and will not flow through from piece to piece.

This can make the location of the joint more visible when joining these products to create corner joints or a larger Island. That being said, the random nature of the patterning can also act to visually blend the pieces as the patterning can start and stop in the middle of a worktop just as it can at a joint.
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